2019 Sessions



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KEYNOTE ADDRESS | The Things I have learned about Life and Leadership by Meg Beckel, President & CEO, Canadian Museum of Nature

Values define who you are.  Character attributes guide what you do, and how you do it. Understanding who you are and how you operate is key to a good fit and great success in an organization. Meg will share what she has learned about life and leadership based on her own experiences, and those of people who have inspired, coached and critiqued her over time.  The sooner you know who you are and what guides your actions and choices, the sooner you will make good choices to the benefit of your organization and you as a person, and as a professional.  The goal of the session is for each participant to have written down what they believe are their core values, and their character attributes that define who they are and how they operate in the world.

Creating Memorable Experiences by Kevin Murphy, President, Murphy Hospitality Group 

Kevin Murphy will discuss creating memorable moments throughout his 38 year journey creating Murphy Hospitality Group (MHG). He will discuss the business history from its beginnings to how they continue to grow across the Maritimes. MHG corporate culture and core values will be featured heavily as Kevin tells the MHG story, where the guiding principle of “creating memorable experiences” will tie it all together as the driving force that continues to make MHG a hospitality industry leader.


Tyler McGregor, RBC Olympian, Sledge Hockey with introduction from Sam Marshall, RBC 

As the youngest member of the Men’s National Sledge Hockey Team, Tyler’s skill and spirit helped Canada capture gold at the 2013 World Championships in Goyang, South Korea. After competing for Team Canada in his first Paralympic Games, he became a bronze medallist at the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi. Tyler was named assistant captain during the 2014-2015 season, helping Canada capture a silver medal at the 2015 World Championships. Tyler will share his inspiring story with AltCon!



Building and Implementing your Fund Development Plan by Allison Bone, Senior Consultant, KCI Philanthropy

Whether you’re looking to refresh your existing Development plan or create one for the first time, this session is for you! Beyond covering the fundamentals to include in every Development plan, we will explore the key success factors in successful plan implementation: Organizational readiness, fundraising culture and socializing your Development goals.


From History to High Tech: Non-Linear Career Paths Into the Tech Industry by Caitlin Mulroney, Talent Operations and Community Engagement Manager, North Inc.

How did a history major buried in the archives pivot into a career in the tech industry? Spoiler: it involves a donkey sanctuary, popcorn, and a whole lot of confusion. Join Caitlin Mulroney as she details her non-linear path into tech and learn how you can leverage your non-technical background into a career in the fastest-growing industry in town.

Cultural Creativity: Access, Experience and Engagement by Connie MacDonald

Learn how to use programs, events and commercial enterprise to engage with diverse audiences, provide meaningful access and enhanced visitor experience at your museum. Join this session and share exciting engagement ideas from your institution


A Guide to Innovating from the Middle by Mimosa Kabir, Manager, Individual Giving, CIFAR

We are living in a time defined by rapid change. Our ability to thrive depends on our capacity to adapt, collaborate and innovate. But how can you be a driver of innovation when you’re not yet in the C-suite?

This session will provide you with the tools necessary to become a successful change maker. No matter where you work, or at what level, you can lead an initiative to better yourself, your organization, and the world. So grab a seat at the table and channel your inner social intrapreneur to solve the challenges facing your organization, as we strive to become stronger, more resilient fundraising leaders.

Cultivating Community: Engaging Employees through Volunteer Work by Caitlin Mulroney, Talent Operations and Community Engagement Manager, North Inc.  

We all think we know the value of volunteering in our community. We get the chance to help out the people who need it, engage with a cause we believe in, and feel good about the work we’ve done.  As an employer, encouraging employees to engage with their community has other tangible benefits as well. Caitlin will detail the value of community engagement programming for employers and the potential pitfalls of not having a plan to do so.


Mission and Money: Your Museum’s USP by Connie MacDonald

Learn how to showcase your museum’s unique selling proposition (USP) through the marriage of mission and earned income business streams. This will be a session where lively conversation and debate are encouraged!


Various Other Duties: Adventures in Small Museum Management- Panel with Kate Butler, Director, Haliburton Highlands Museum, Will Hollingshead, Manager & Curator, M.S. Norgoma- St. Mary’s River Marine Heritage Centre, Amy Klassen, Society Administrator, Niagara Historical Society & Museum, & Meredith Leonard, Interpretive Services Coordinator, Halton Region Heritage Services 

Grant writing, children’s programs, meetings with community partners, accession processing, website development, cleaning and that’s just before lunch – wait, what lunch? In the arts and culture sector, it’s common to aspire to work for big name institutions with wide brand recognition, but there is huge value to be found in the culture of small organizations as a way to learn and hone your craft, because you do literally have to do it all or find creative ways to get things done, often on a shoestring budget. This session will advocate for small museum work as a way to further your career and take a light-hearted look at the variety of tasks involved, as well as exploring lessons learned along the way.

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Career Planning and Tips for Managing your Career Journey by Speaker: Suzanne Hyatt, Senior Human Resources Consultant and Leadership Coach, Hyatt Human Capital Solutions 

Whether you are starting your career, mid-career or later in your career journey, join this session to learn about:

•       Career planning tips

•       Tips to consider when charting your career path

•       How to plan your career within a larger career management framework

Your Brand Matters by Adam Roth, Branch Manager, RBC 

In this session you will have an opportunity to identify and build your “personal brand”.  This session is very interactive and we will work through a number of exercises to help build and establish a personal brand.

Museums in the Digital Age: Skills and Practices for the Future by Christina Sjoberg, Senior Consultant, Lord Cultural Resources & Sarah Hill, Senior Consultant, Lord Cultural Resources 

As Museums transition into the digital age, there is an increasing need for a new set of digital skills and practices. This presentation will focus on the future of digital in the museum sector and its impact on what digital skills are needed, how are they developed and deployed to ensure a workforce that is both digitally literate and confident. This session will ask participants to consider their own institution’s digital visitor journey, and to compare their institutional and personal levels of digital maturity

How to Build a Professional Wardrobe by Christina Proctor, Style Coach and Owner of Wear Out There

In today’s world, image means something and is an incredible tool to support you in reaching your professional goals. This workshop is designed to help you learn why image matters, how to start creating a style that suits you and your lifestyle, and the 10 key pieces that make a great foundation for a work wardrobe. 


We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program by Nina Boccia, Interim Creative Director, Design Exchange

As the world around us changes at a breakneck speed, the volume and delivery of #content steadily increase, interrupts, and disrupts. With this in mind, what does it mean to be a cultural producer in the 21st century? It has become integral for museums, galleries, and cultural organizations to routinely evaluate and evolve the visitor experience to remain engaging, relevant, thoughtful, and accessible. In this time of great change, how do we quickly transition, adapt, and develop public and education programs that respectfully enhance learning of and respond to contemporary issues? This session will provide insight on how to develop, implement, and share engaging programs – whether it’s in a classroom, gallery, or an abandoned factory.

Self-Advocacy in Arts & Culture by Zev Farber, Director, Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers, OCAD University

Building a successful career in the arts & culture sector often means authentically advocating for yourself. Whether you’re just starting out in the field, or you’re able to draw on a wealth of experience, it’s a consistent challenge to reflect upon, synthesize and articulate precisely what your unique strengths are and how they add value in different contexts. This session will explore a variety of approaches to developing the key skills required to convey what you offer: from settings such as an interview experience, to dealing with team dynamics or building a new strategic relationship with collaborators.