2018 Sessions


Personal Brand by Mike Tennant
Learn the three most common personal-branding mistakes, and the reasons why so many people make them. Then it’s time to de-clutter, with strategies for identifying your core strengths, and abandoning the junk that prevents people from seeing it.


The Frontier Within by Paul Kalbfleisch
We live in uncomfortable times – where technological, digital and environmental “disruption” has strained our socioeconomic structures and norms.  Paul Kalbfleisch provides an enlightening and hopeful point of view on these current events with his “The Frontier Within” talk.

Kalbfleisch explores and challenges us to consider a hopeful view of the path forward; a future where we stop chasing the frontier beyond the horizon line and embrace the things and value that surrounds us. Kalbfleisch draws upon his own personal experience working the technology industry and public arts to present a new way to make sense of the world around us.  



Finding a Better Way Forward with Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile Practices by Ian McDonald of Communitech
What obstacles stand in the way of better? How might we... 

  • Forget what we think we know and 'business as usual - and put the customer at the centre of our design process

  • Challenge a final vision of an idea, or an established assumption - and commit to a process of iteration to test, learn, and improve

  • Adapt to accelerating pace of change in emerging technologies, social and cultural environments, and evolving customer expectations

  • Enable new organizational methods and mindsets to improve both outcomes and speed.

This session will explore key concepts of diversity and inclusion, why it is important to the arts, and explore practical tips and tools to initiate an open dialogue around the topic. 


Developing Leadership for Canadian Museums: Linking Self-Leadership to Community Relevance by Naomi Grattan
What does self-leadership have to do with community relevance? Why do we need new ways of thinking about museum leadership? How can we foster new leadership skills in our sector without breaking the budget? In this participatory conversation, Naomi Grattan explores the results of her national study, conducted with the Canadian Museums Association, to explain how leadership is linked to healthy, connected organizations and what your organization can do to actively foster a strong culture of leadership development.


Dynamic Campaigns: Data Driven Decision-Making by Ryan Dodge & Naomi Grattan
It’s not enough to get the data, you also have to get people on side. Good data is important, but so is good conversation. Engaging others in the process is the key. Join us to hear about real-world examples, lessons learned, data-driven strategy, and how to build a successful campaign. The session will end with discussion, come prepared to share your campaign ideas and what you’ve learned from failure with the group.


Digital World- Is it the Role of Cultural Organizations to Respond and Participate in Political & Social Movement? Panel including Stephanie Deschenes, Mafoya Dossoumon, Melissa Durrell, Mike Tennant and moderated by CBC’s Craig Norris
In a Foxified, Tweet-weary world, is there a growing role for cultural institutions to facilitate respectful, informed dialogue on current events? The panel shares their stories- and solicits yours- about turning headlines into opportunities to engage, using common touchpoints such as art, free expression, science, faith, justice, gender and sexuality. 


Driving Success with Young Patrons: Creating & Evaluating Membership Program Benefits by Mimosa Kabir
It is well-documented that young patrons (under 40) are more likely to give to organisations with benefits-driven, membership-based programs, featuring social or professional networking opportunities. However, these programs are costly to run and short-term ROI can be difficult to determine. This session will offer those with established young patron giving programs and those looking to start their own a chance to review their current or proposed program benefits and evaluation tools to ensure they are meeting their donor and staff needs. Participants will be given a framework to define their ideal donor within this diverse demographic, evaluate their best institutional assets to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market and determine what constitutes program success and what tools can be used to monitor this.


Get Started: Invest For Your Future by RBC by Darren Jones, Financial Planner, RBC
This session facilitated by RBC’s Darren Jones, Investment and Retirement Planner, focuses on the basic principles of investing. It will show you the importance investing early in your careers and regularly. It will also give you an overview of different investment vehicles you can use to help you achieve your long term goals.




Ignite Session- All Welcome & Encouraged to Participate

Ignite is a series of speedy presentations held in cities all over the world. Presenters use 20 slides, which automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun presentation which lasts just 5 minutes. We hope many of you will participate! If you are interested, please email AltCon@THEMUSEUM.ca