Monday, February 26, 2018

Keynote Address
"The Frontier Within"
Paul Kalbfleisch

We live in uncomfortable times – where technological, digital and environmental “disruption” has strained our socioeconomic structures and norms.  Paul Kalbfleisch provides an enlightening and hopeful point of view on these current events with his “The Frontier Within” talk.

Concurrent Sessions
"Finding a Better Way Forward with Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile Practices"
Ian McDonald

What obstacles stand in the way of better? How might we... 

  • Forget what we think we know and 'business as usual - and put the customer at the centre of our design process
  • Challenge a final vision of an idea, or an established assumption - and commit to a process of iteration to test, learn, and improve
  • Adapt to accelerating pace of change in emerging technologies, social and cultural environments, and evolving customer expectations
  • Enable new organizational methods and mindsets to improve both outcomes and speed.

Concurrent Sessions
"Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace"
Mimosa Kabir

This session will explore key concepts of diversity and inclusion, why it is important to the arts, and explore practical tips and tools to initiate an open dialogue around the topic.

Concurrent Sessions
"Dynamic Campaigns: Data Driven Decision-Making"
Ryan Dodge and Naomi Grattan

It’s not enough to get the data, you also have to get people on side. Good data is important, but so is good conversation. Engaging others in the process is the key. Join us to hear about real-world examples, lessons learned, data-driven strategy, and how to build a successful campaign.

"Driving Success with Young Patrons: Creating & Evaluating Membership Program Benefits"
Mimosa Kabir

This session will offer those with established young patron giving programs and those looking to start their own a chance to review their current or proposed program benefits and evaluation tools to ensure they are meeting their donor and staff needs. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"Developing Leadership for Canadian Museums: Linking Self-Leadership to Community Relevance"
Naomi Grattan

What does self-leadership have to do with community relevance? Why do we need new ways of thinking about museum leadership? How can we foster new leadership skills in our sector without breaking the budget? In this participatory conversation, Naomi Grattan explores the results of her national study, conducted with the Canadian Museums Association, to explain how leadership is linked to healthy, connected organizations and what your organization can do to actively foster a strong culture of leadership development.