Personal Brand by Mike Tennant

Learn the three most common personal-branding mistakes, and the reasons why so many people make them. Then it’s time to de-clutter, with strategies for identifying your core strengths, and abandoning the junk that prevents people from seeing it.


Developing Leadership for Canadian Museums: Linking Self-Leadership to Community Relevance by Naomi Grattan

What does self-leadership have to do with community relevance? Why do we need new ways of thinking about museum leadership? How can we foster new leadership skills in our sector without breaking the budget? In this participatory conversation, Naomi Grattan explores the results of her national study, conducted with the Canadian Museums Association, to explain how leadership is linked to healthy, connected organizations and what your organization can do to actively foster a strong culture of leadership development.


Digital World- Is it the Role of Cultural Organizations to Respond and Participate in Political & Social Movement? Panel including Stephanie Deschenes, Mafoya Dossoumon, Melissa Durrell, Mike Tennant and moderated by CBC’s Craig Norris
In a Foxified, Tweet-weary world, is there a growing role for cultural institutions to facilitate respectful, informed dialogue on current events? The panel shares their stories- and solicits yours- about turning headlines into opportunities to engage, using common touchpoints such as art, free expression, science, faith, justice, gender and sexuality. 






Create Your Own Session- Collaborate!
You know lots of your new fellow emerging arts & culture colleagues. If you feel there is a session topic that is important to discuss with the like-minded individuals you have met at #AltCon2018, please feel free to set-up your own session discussion.